You can now view Netflix HDR content in Microsoft Windows 10
You can now view Netflix HDR content in Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft has equipped Windows 10 with an app store where there are already some pretty sounding titles, such as Netflix. The application of streaming service for series and movies has been there for a long time, but only now has received a much anticipated new.

In fact, with the development of HDR in every way, it was up to Netflix to apply this technology in its application, namely in the one that is available to the users of Microsoft’s Windows 10, which are more than 600 million spread around the world.

Better than that is the fact that this mode, HDR, can also be enjoyed through the company’s Redmond browser, that is, Microsoft Edge. However, either in one case or the other or through this or the application of the store, certain aspects have to be taken into account.

First, the PC in question should have an Intel Core 7th or higher processor that supports HDR10 content. On the other hand, the graphics card should be from Intel or, on the other hand, a Nvidia 1050 or higher.

Therefore, if the device in question does not have the specifics required by Netflix, then you will not be able to see HDR content in Windows 10 from Microsoft. Otherwise, as you can watch it on iPhone X or even Galaxy Note 8, it will also be possible to do it on a much larger and more capable screen.

Netflix HDR will make a difference in Microsoft Windows 10!

So, to finish, more than a good news for the users of the platform referred to earlier, this news is beneficial to the overall technological development. Undoubtedly the HDR will be something much addressed in 2018.

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