Home NEWS Cambridge Analytica is found guilty of misuse of Facebook data

Cambridge Analytica is found guilty of misuse of Facebook data

Cambridge Analytica is found guilty of misuse of Facebook data

Cambridge Analytica has been found guilty of the scandal that resulted in the misuse of information from more than 87 million Facebook users last year. The company failed to comply with an order from a British regulator to reveal the information they had about a British professor. The information is from AFP.

By refusing to send the information, the company admitted guilty and was fined £ 15,000, plus £ 6,000 (£ 28,000) for the costs of the lawsuit.

The UK body had required the company to disclose the information it had from a professor named David Carroll, who asked for clarification of what data Cambridge Analytica had about him and how the company had obtained such information.

By 2017, the professor had already asked SCL Elections Ltd, the owner of Cambridge Analytica, to answer these questions. Despite being an American, the professor was suing a British company, which is why he asked the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to manage the case. The British agency came to press the company even more when the scandal came to light in March 2018.

On Twitter, Caroll explained the process. against SCL in post on Twitter.

“It was two years of a complex judicial battle between two continents. Fortunately, this case [the ICO against the company] will make it easier for others to recover their data, “he said on the social network.

Faced with the negative, the agency understood that the company pleads guilty on the matter. Cambridge Analytica, however, pointed out to the agency that “this trial does not suggest misuse of data,” and refuses to assume that it would be related to the Facebook problem.

Still, Caroll believes that by refusing to deliver the information, SCL knows that this could lead to even greater consequences for SCL, which raises the suspicion that the company is effectively guilty of the problem.

Remind the case

In March last year, an article in The Guardian revealed that Cambridge Analytica, a political advisory firm, have used information from Facebook users to create campaigns related to the election of Donald Trump and the UK exit from Union agreements Event known as Brexit.

The company would have obtained the data through a quiz that was allowed to pick up information from users for strictly academic use. The company was headed by Aleksandr Kogan and Christopher Wylie, respectively, researcher and marketer of the company.

The misuse of such data has shown a security breach in the use of Facebook user information. According to the analysis of the social network itself, there were 87 million accounts used improperly by the company. Brazil appeared as the eighth most impacted: 443,000 accounts were shared by Cambridge Analytica, which represents 0.5% of the total information.

As a result, Facebook was investigated by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Last year, social networking CEO Mark Zuckerberg was also invited to attend hearings in the US Senate and Congress to talk about the scandal.


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