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Call of Duty for Android and iOS will have mouth-watering graphics

FPS (first person shooter) games have proven extremely popular for both Android and iOS, and one of the great titles that continue to arrive late is the legendary Call of Duty.

Well, it seems that the wait will not be much longer. So, after several classic-inspired games were created, Activision finally decided to partner with Tencent to bring Call of Duty to mobile devices.

Apparently, the new game is being developed since August and now the first screenshots have appearedRevealing a little of what it will have to offer. It is important to note that Tencent is responsible for the development of PUBG and Arena of Valor, two extremely popular titles on mobile platforms.

From what you can see in the published images, the Call of Duty for Android and iOS will have quite impressive graphics. Well, the attention to detail and realism of CoD Mobile seems to be at the highest level. Especially when compared to the current offerings in this segment.

Call of Duty for Android and iOS is expected to arrive later this year!

At the moment the information is not many, on the arrival of this desired game to the mobile platforms. Not even if it will really reach both Android and iOS, but I do not think it would make sense to reach just one of them.

In this Mobile version, classic maps of the various editions of this 15-year-old game are expected. In addition, it would not be surprising to see also included a Battle Royale mode, similar to the “Blackout” that was introduced in the new game for consoles and PC.

Since, beyond any doubt, this is the most popular game mode currently on all platforms. So it would be a bad decision for Tencent to pass up this opportunity to earn a few million more.

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