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Bungie announces new expansion of Destiny 2: “Beyond the Light”

NewsExpansion will be launched on 22 September this year

Bungie anuncia nova expansão de Destiny 2:

Bungie held a livestream this Tuesday (09) , which brought several new features to Destiny 2. One of them refers to a new expansion for the game: “Além da Luz”, which will be available from 22 September 2020.

The company released two trailers to reveal the new DLC. The development team implemented a new location (“Europa”, Jupiter’s icy moon) in the game and will turn the story around to the invasion of the Pyramids ships, something that had been indicated since the first campaign of the shooter.

“Beyond the Light” will bring a new power for players to use: “Stasis”, which was born from the force known as “Darkness” in the Destiny universe. Stasis joins the other three existing elemental powers: “Arc”, “Solar” and “Vacuum”. Titans, Arcana, and Hunters can use it in a variety of ways, such as slowing down enemies with stasis fields, for example.

The story, in turn, will focus on the aliens known as the “Fallen”. They were separated for a long time, but they met in Europe under the leadership of Eramis, who apparently holds the power of Darkness. According to director Luke Smith, the emperor wants revenge on Traveler for abandoning his people several centuries ago.

More expansions for Destiny 2

Bungie didn’t just talk about the next expansion of Destiny 2. The company confirmed two more that will arrive respectively at 2021 and 2022: “The Witch Queen” and “Lightfall”.

According to the company, the launch of the DLCs will cause the older ones to be removed from the game and placed in the so-called “Destiny Content Vault” (DCV). The goal is not to make the shooter too heavy and maintain support without having to launch a Destiny 3. Bungie guarantees: contents left aside will eventually return to active.

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