Bug on mobile phones Samsung sends images without permission!

The latest messaging bug is causing chaos in some Samsung phones! For now the ‘Messaging’ application of the company can send one or more images to your contacts without any permission!

And the worst is that this may be happening without the user of the Samsung phone know! Being only informed of the situation if any of the contacts targeted by any message warn you.

So far, only users of Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 + and Galaxy Note 8 have been victims of this bug. With some of these sharing your gallery’s entire albums without your permission.

However, this problem may not be unique only to these problems, so if you have a Samsung mobile phone, be careful.


If by chance you have not yet had any notice of a contact of yours about a certain photo with less clothing … There are ways to know if you are going to be affected!

You can look at the ‘log’ files inside your mobile phone, or check with your service provider if you have sent any MMS in the last few days.

Unfortunately, the company has not said anything yet … So the only solution is to remove all storage access permissions to the ‘Samsung Messaging’ application in the phone settings.


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