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Brazilian Modder puts Thanos to destroy everything in GTA V

For those who feel homesick for Thanos in Fortnite, the Brazilian modder JulioNIB plans to take the Titan Crazy for the world of GTA V.

Known among the community of modifications and scripts of GTA, the Brazilian has previously brought figures such as Iron ManHulk,  Superman and Goku to the game of Rockstar.

With Thanos, the player can activate the power of the Jewels of Infinity, gaining incredible destruction powers with the Jewel of Power …

… Or create portals and black holes with the Space Jewel.

In addition, the villain can also play meteors on poor civilians/police / unsuspecting armed forces.

According to the modder, the mod is expected to be available by May 31.

To check (and collaborate) with the work of JulioNIB and his team, access his page in the Patreon website.

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