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Brawl Stars is official and you have to try it!

Brawl Stars is official and you have to try it!

This is most likely one of the most anticipated games on the Google Play Store during 2018. Supercell has not launched a new game for three years now, and Brawl Stars has been in testing for almost two years!

Today was finally the day when the creator of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale decided to be the ideal to launch the overall release. So it’s already available on your Android smartphone (also for iOS) and you’re guaranteed to have to try it out.

Unlock New Brawlers

Brawl Stars is a very unique and content-rich game. Supercell has been able to develop a game that does not fit perfectly into any category. Presenting instead a “mix” of various styles makes it quite interesting.

After 2 years, Brawl Stars is finally available on the Google Play Store

It is important to note that the game is totally free, but just as you should expect, you will be able to find several options for in-game purchases. However, from what I’ve had the opportunity to experience the game, I do not think it’s pay-to-win.

Team up with Friends Brawls Star

There are several game modes, which are phased unlocked as you gain experience. So when you have all the modes available, you’ll be able to choose between  Gem Grab,  Bounty,  Heist,  Ball Brawl and  Showdown. The latter mode integrates some features of the popular Battle Royale style.

Throughout your evolution in the game you will unlock new  Brawlers.  As with all other Supercell titles, much of the evolution is done through lootboxes. So it’s through these chests that you’ll be able to put together cards to be able to evolve your charaers.

Even without spending money, you can compete at a fairly high level, but of course it will require a lot of time and dedication. Finally, putting aside the possibility of spending money on purchases (not required), this is an excellent multiplayer game that can be player in small sessions.

Finally, you can download Brawl Stars on your Android for free through the Google Play Store (here) , but it’s also available for iOS through the AppStore (here) 


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