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BOE shows a new folding display prototype

BOE shows a new folding display prototype

One of the most anticipated and important innovations of 2019 is undoubtedly represented by smartphones with folding displays and several manufacturers are planning to launch at least one model.

At the moment everything seems to suggest that it will be a feature limited to a few smartphones and that will require very high costs while the real potential of a solution of this type is still to be assessed.

Even BOE has decided to create its own foldable smartphone and a new video gives us a brief demonstration of what could soon be implemented in smartphones:

The panel featured in this video is AMOLED and can count on a 7.65-inch diagonal with a WQHD resolution (2,048 x 1,536 pixels), a maximum brightness of 380 nit, response times up to 1ms and a range of colors up to 118% on the NTSC scale.

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The really interesting part is the central fold: BOE claims that its technology allows the smallest dynamic curvature radius in the world (just 1 mm), with a guarantee of up to 100,000 bends.

The only aspect on which there is some doubt looking at the video is the slightly bent part of the panel while it is open. But probably a solution to this problem will be found.


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