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Blade4000 Power Bank Bag OTG Micro SD Card Reader (8-256GB)


Blade4000 is out to offer you two in one feature Power your device when it down and Store your file for you, Blade4000 Power Bank is the first  Power bank with OTG Micro SD carder this power bank is Portable enough to never leave behind and powerful enough to be the perfect solution for your low battery problem. Blade4000 works with Lightning, Micro-USB or Type-C connectors. You can easily transfer videos, music and data between family and friends, across different devices with different operating systems.

Blade4000 is designed to extend not just the battery and not just the memory for Apple devices, but both! Blade4000  is a combination of an OTG TF card reader and 4000mAh charger, using Apple authorized Lightning input.

There are 3 opitional colors as you can see:
Black, Blue and Grey. 

Contacts Backup: Want to transfer your contacts between Apple and Android? You are able to save or transfer your contacts in easy way. 

Features of Blade4000

  • Memory Capacity: 8/ 16/ 32/ 64/ 128/ 200/ 256GB
  • Data Cable Type: USB to Lightning/ Type-C/ Micro USB
  • OS Compatibility: iOS 6.1 or above/ Android/ Mac OSX/ Windows XP/ 7/ 8/10
  • Compatible Devices: Apple device, Android device, Camera, GPS, Drone, Gopro
  • Optional Color: Black/ Blue/ Gray
  • Power Capacity: 4000mAh
  • Input/Output: 5V/ 2.4A
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Pricing starts at $47


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