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BlackBerry Sues NOKIA For Patent Infringement

The Canadian company BlackBerry has chosen to bring the Finnish company Nokia to justice, judging that the Finnish company’s mobile network products employ 11 of its patents without having the needed licenses to do so.
BlackBerry Sues NOKIA For Patent Infringement
BlackBerry Sues NOKIA For Patent Infringement.
We all know that both brands are the most iconic brands in mobile Industry. The lawsuit actually took place at a very critical time, as at this point both brands have their own launches at the upcoming MWC and now set for a legal battle.
The case is being tried in federal court in Wilmington, Delaware and since BlackBerry argue that its patented networking technology is essential for the operation of the 3GPP mobile communications standard.
BlackBerry says it does not want to block its technology as it offers its competitors through licensing agreements and has stressed that they want compensation from Nokia for violating its patents without revealing the exact amount it will claim.
Nokia is also focused on networking equipment and products such as the 360-degree Ozo camera.
However, we all obviously know that the HMD Global has already taken over the rights to the Nokia brand and this year they are set to launch several smartphones running Android OS to rescue that historic name.
it is important to be able to make new revenue that will compensate for the announced goodbye to its mobile device business, and a patent agreement with the Finnish company Nokia would certainly be good news for BlackBerry.


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