Home NEWS BlackBerry Ghost to be TCL’s first full-line – Evan Blass

BlackBerry Ghost to be TCL’s first full-line – Evan Blass

BlackBerry Ghost to be TCL's first full-line - Evan Blass

The BlackBerry Ghost may be the first Android top-end – in the true sense of the word – since the brand was bought by the Chinese TCL. Who says it is the person in charge of the Twitter account of Evan Blass (@evleaks).

It will be the first flagship with a truly modern look. With very low margins, no physical keyboard and 18: 9 or 2: 1 aspect ratio. Now, we have to wait for BlackBerry Ghost, a smartphone that should not be slow to appear.

On the other hand, since the technology based in Canada was acquired by the Chinese TCL who never launched a premium device. His latest bets such as the KeyONE and the new Key2  – taking into account their characteristics – fall into the mid-high-end segment.

Still aside, so far the vast majority of these Android smartphones have used the typical physical QWERTY keyboard. Now, as Evan Blass tells us (and shows), the new BlackBerry Ghost will totally relinquish this traditional trait of this company’s products.

BlackBerry Ghost will be a top Android

We’ll just have a big piece of glass with a big battery inside it. Here, relying on Evan Blass’s word, we’ll have a 4000mAh battery to keep the BlackBerry Ghost running for well over a day’s work. Then we can see the latest publication of Evan Blass, noting the “class” to which this Android mobile device will belong.

BlackBerry Ghost will be a top Android

Can the great battery capacity be the greatest asset of this future Android smartphone? It is something that will undoubtedly attract many looks and the attention of many consumers who will be able to buy a BlackBerry again.

Evan Blass reveals the plans of TCL

Or it was not the autonomy of our smartphones one of the constant complaints. Here, I have no doubt that Canadian technology can and should use this asset in the face of competition.

Moreover, it is believed that the terminal will be presented shortly. This since we have already seen some leaks of information from it since practically the beginning of 2018. Now, we have to wait a little longer until its presentation and of course, more information leaks.

Already in a last note, this new Android smartphone is expected to bring a camera far superior to its predecessors. It will be, for all intents and purposes, a true top of the range that is already causing enough curiosity.


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