As we all know Blackberry has joined other company to start producing Android Smartphone After their first Android device Priv,  they are back  again with another Android phone. Called DTEK50, this new BlackBerry Android phone is much in line with other Android handsets,  and different from its contemporaries. Blackberry claims to have powered the DTEK50 with security features, which make it “the world’s most secure Android smartphone”.
BlackBerry DTEK50 Is Claimed To Be the 'World's Most Secure Android Phone' See Why
1. Alerts when privacy is at risk: The DTEK50 comes with pre-loaded BlackBerry’s DTEK for Android app, this alerts when your privacy is at risk so that you can take action to improve the security level. The app evaluates how security features have been set up on the phone, gives security ratings – excellent, fair or poor – for different features, and recommends what can be done to make the device more secure. it also tracks all apps on the phone and notifies you when someone fiddles with it. For instance, it will notify the user when someone takes pictures and videos from the phone attempts to send a text message, tries to make remote use of camera or microphone, or sneakily accesses contacts this is cool right.
2. Data on the phone is safe: According to BlackBerry, security on the DTEK50 is integrated right into the device hardware and OS. Data on the BlackBerry DTEK50 has encrypted automatically. So in case the DTEK50 is lost or stolen, no one could get through messages, pictures or other data on the phone without knowing the password. Besides encryption, the DTEK50 also offers other security features, including Password Keeper, which is said to securely store all your login credentials.
3. Security updates: Slow security updates could expose the phone’s data to risks and threats. But BlackBerry, which is known for providing a secure platform, says it will quickly roll out security patches for the DTEK50. “Other smartphones can take weeks, months or even years to deliver security patches, leaving you vulnerable and at risk. So even though you can’t see it, you’d know that extra precautions are taken at both the hardware and software level to protect DTEK50 from malicious tampering,” says BlackBerry.
Google releases a list of vulnerabilities on a monthly basis, and BlackBerry claims it’s the quickest in releasing security patches for those vulnerabilities. A couple of months ago, BlackBerry had come up with a table comparing its performance in delivering patches with those of other Android OEMs.
Each cell shows how many days each OEM took to release patches for vulnerabilities released by Google. (Image: BlackBerry) 
 Each cell shows how many days each OEM took to release patches for vulnerabilities released by Google. (Image: BlackBerry
From August 8 BlackBerry will start shipping the DTEK50



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