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Bitcoin: King of cryptocurrency continues to fall, now less than $ 3600

cyptocurrecny falls

The cryptocurrencies are having a bad time and today we see again a strong fall of Bitcoin and the market in general. While many believe that Bitcoin will return to the glory days, it is becoming complicated to continue to have faith in a crypto that has gone down as quickly as it has risen.

That being the case, Bitcoin has one of the worst days of the year and has scored less than $ 3600 for Bitcoin. We need to back down until August 2017 to see the crypto-currency market so low and Bitcoin at less than $ 3600.

Although at the time of writing of this article the king of the cryptocurrency has risen to the 3800 $ (so suddenly), today was the day in that crossed the line of $ 3600.

Bitcoin falls again and leaves the market of the criptomoedas of tracks

However, many analysts believe Bitcoin will see the light of day again. According to Michael Moro, analyst and CEO of Genesis Capital, Bitcoin will fall below $ 3000 before rising again considerably.

Christmas at the door does not help any cryptocurrency. Already last year we saw in this holiday season a devaluation of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. That is, it is time for many to exchange the crypto for money to do the Christmas shopping. 

cyptocurrecny falls

Although I am no market analyst, I still believe in the crypto-coins market. The big problem with Crypto is that no pretty big company is willing to innovate the technology. Banks lose with the evolution of this technology, the states as well. That is, the only ones that come out with advantages are the “Zé povinho” that manages to avoid the enormous amount of taxes that we are charged every day.

Still, I see a light at the end of the tunnel for services like Ethereum, EOS or even Cardano. Cryptocurrency that have a greater purpose than just being potential coins.

By the way, the Ethereum is also on the streets of bitterness with Ether’s value reaching $ 112. Better days will come, I do not think it’s still this year.


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