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Bitcoin expected to fall sharply in the coming days

Bitcoin expected to fall sharply in the coming days

To all lovers and investors of Bitcoin, beware! According to analysts of past charts and trends, analysts believe that Bitcoin may fall to $ 11,000 over the course of this holiday week.

One reason for this decline is the Bitcoin Exchange (BTC) by Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The most recent cryptocurrency was active in Coinbase and Gdax which led to a total euphoria and an immediate exchange by many Bitcoin users.

But the bad news never comes alone. With the entry of the BTC into the Futures, the boys in suit and tie, also known by traders, are playing to the up and down of Bitcoin, with constant exchanges and devaluation of the cryptocurrency.

Even so, I do not think this descent will continue. Bitcoin has already cemented itself strongly in the culture of crypto guys and is the most valuable cryptocurrency to have at this time.



With a record high of $ 19,000, the BTC fell sharply over the past two days to as much as $ 15. Analyzes of trend charts lead some analysts to believe that the decline could intensify as much as $ 11,000.

Bitcoin may fall as much as $ 11,000

The BCH has some differences compared to the “normal” Bitcoin. The speed of transactions and the low transaction rates are their biggest factors. The BCH was born from a HardFork to Bitcoin in August, a subject you can read more here.The fall of the BTC gave wings to the rise of BCH, which already rose almost 50% of its value in just one day. According to the coinmarketcap, BCH is now rated at $ 3,498 dollars with upside possibilities.

One of the other crypto-coins to grow in recent times is Ethereum. With more and more products and services working on the Ethereum platform at Blockchain, Ether’s value skyrocketed to $ 800 in a matter of days.


  1. Every investment has it’s own risk ( Profit and Loss).
    Investors needs to be very careful now.
    Thanks for info. It’s really helpful.


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