Bitcoin continues to fall. John McAfee continues to believe

Bitcoin continues to fall

John McAfee has spoken in the past his theory about the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The well-known entrepreneur publicly mentioned that in his theory the cryptocurrency Bitcoin would reach the 500 thousand dollars by 2020.

However, John McAfee went further than just pouring numbers into the air. The businessman pointed out that if this did not happen “he would eat his own penis on National television”. A rather stern bet but coming from John McAfee is not surprising.Much criticized for his extravagances, John goes toying with the fluctuation of the cryptocurrency in twitter. There goes a day that says that a certain cryptocurrency will rise, now another comes in which totally devalues other projects.

John McAfee continues to believe in the value of Bitcoin

With Bitcoin’s sharp decline in recent days, many investors are emerging from this fragile world. Some make small profits, others prefer not to take any more losses.

The most resilient prefer “Hodl”, the acronym given to the brave ones that endure the pressure of the falls of the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is currently at 8 thousand dollars, I remember that it reached almost 20 thousand dollars at the end of 2017.

John McAfee

John McAfee when asked if he would return with his word back, ” When I predicted that Bitcoin would hit $ 500,000 by the end of 2020, I had the idea that the BTC value would reach only $ 5,000 by the end of 2017. The BTC accelerated much faster than the assumption. Now I predict Bitcoin $ 1 million by the end of 2020. If I am wrong, I will eat my penis. 

Five years from now we will talk more about it, this is a guaranteed fact. Or we’ll write that John McAfee just lost his genital organ with a questionable meal, or that Bitcoin got where few would believe. What’s your bet?

3 thoughts on “Bitcoin continues to fall. John McAfee continues to believe”

  1. Haruna Mustorpha

    I know soon as possible the value of the bitcoin will raise up..
    It’s just for the main time, all investors shouldn’t loose hope..

  2. They shouldn’t loose hope but should be very smart and vigilant because if it continue falling there will be a great problem

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