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16 Best Zombie Survival Apocalypse Games
16 Best Zombie Survival Apocalypse Games

16 Best Zombie Survival Apocalypse Games

Games in the genre of strategy, survival, and adventure have long been firmly entrenched in the hearts of gamers. Survival is a basic human instinct. Even in the most terrible situations, people seek at all costs to save their lives. Such games give what is so lacking in real life of ordinary people – thrills, adrenaline and unexpected plot twists.

You can face a terrible accident at a nuclear power plant, repulse the invasion of genetically modified plants, fight with whole armies, and also try many other scenarios. Of course, there is no desire to face all this in real life. But tickling the nerves in the game is just what you need. We have compiled the best games in this genre for smartphones on iOS and Android. All you have to do is select one or more options from the list.

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

You have to become an eccentric scientist Wilson, who, due to the wiles of demons, enters a world full of dangers. Your task is not to starve to death. It would seem that everything is as simple as possible. However, finding something edible here is not at all simple. Look for light sources, food, and try not to die as long as possible.

You have 3 main indicators: hunger, reason and health. It is necessary to ensure that each of them is within acceptable limits. Even if one of the indicators decreases, it will become a serious threat to survival.

Each time you start a new game, a new world appears, unlike the previous ones. To achieve the goals, resources are essential. The main thing is to always keep a light source with you. At night it should be a fire or a torch, otherwise darkness will swallow you. And the monsters hiding in the darkness will simply kill you.

Management simulates the movement of the mouse, which can not but rejoice fans of computer games. But this is not the main feature of Don’t Starve. The main thing here is the atmosphere of fear. The further the player advances, the more points he will receive after death. Only the altar will help not die – but you can use this item only once.

During the game, you can even make friends with the local population, equip your base and after death become a new character with a completely new story. Don’t Starve is almost endless. Every time she offers something new.

The graphics are pretty well transferred from the computer version of the game. All elements look great even on smartphones with small screens. If you’re a fan of survival games and love Tim Burton’s style, Don’t Starve is definitely worth a try.

The application is available for Android and iPhone .


The game takes place in New York. There was an outbreak of an epidemic, as a result of which all people turned into zombies. The living dead roam everywhere. Your goal is to work as a team to find out the cause of the epidemic and eliminate it. You can play as one of 5 available characters, each of which is a member of a special secret unit.

Together with the group, complete more than 150 story missions, fighting not only with ordinary zombies, but also with bosses. Each of these living dead is endowed with certain abilities and is especially dangerous. The key to success is not only the skillful actions of each fighter, but also the coherence of the whole team.

The arsenal has more than 40 types of weapons. There is also the possibility of building and developing a survivor base. Available experiments with various weapons and items. Improve them, discover new functions that correspond to specific tasks. You can also attack enemy bases and extract useful items from them.

Excellent graphics provide the effect of complete immersion. For maximum convenience, the developers have added individual settings for the gamepad.

The application is available for Android and iPhone .

Dead Trigger

A classic shooter in the zombie apocalypse genre. You will need to find, collect or buy as many weapons as you can. Arm yourself to the teeth – this is the only way that will successfully resist the hordes of the living dead. There are several ways to kill a zombie: shoot it from a machine gun, blow it up, shred it with an ax … And that’s not all.

Your ingenuity is opposed to the ingenuity of artificial intelligence. He will try to kill you, and you must successfully repel these attacks. A huge arsenal of weapons will pleasantly surprise even the most sophisticated players. Realistic assault rifles, chainsaws, axes, useful gadgets and other items will help you survive.

All game progress can be saved in the cloud so that achievements are not lost. Numerous enhancements are available, such as radar, auto-healing, etc. Save other survivors, collect valuable information, build shelters, accumulate supplies and competently spend them.

The application is available for Android and iPhone .

Dead trigger 2

This is the second part of the well-known zombie shooter. The living dead have become even more dangerous. Their attack cannot be avoided. It remains only to strengthen the defense and resist the pressure of the undead.

Kill zombies, drive them away and lead your team to victory. The whole game takes place in first-person shooter mode, but behind your back is a whole squad of fighters. They are ready to help when it is really necessary. Gather a huge arsenal of weapons, vital for continuing to exist in this gloomy world.

In addition to the storyline, there are many other missions in the game. In total, you can fight on 33 maps. At your disposal are 50 types of weapons with real prototypes – from assault rifles to grenades. 600 different scenarios have been developed specifically for you. Determine the development of the storyline yourself to get different finals.

Dead Trigger 2 also has strategy elements. To destroy hordes of zombies, you just need to carefully think through tactics. Participate in tournaments to demonstrate all the acquired skills. If you think that zombies will become easy prey, then you are deeply mistaken. The undead are strong, vicious and ready to tear you to pieces at any time.

The application is available for Android and iPhone .

Ocean nomad

You can resist not only monsters, but also the elements. Ocean Nomad – in which you find yourself on a raft in the open ocean. The task is quite understandable – not to die. It can be even harder than surviving a zombie apocalypse. During the post-apocalypse, you will have to explore the endless waters of the boat, survive on the island, look for tools and food. Remember – the world around is fraught with many dangers. This is not a peaceful vacation in the tropics, but severe hourly trials.

As you know, in the ocean there is a dangerous predator – a shark. But she can help you too. Intercept its prey with a hook and thereby provide yourself with food. Want to catch the shark itself? This can also be done. In the chests around which sharks swim, you can find many valuable items, as well as the necessary resources to improve the raft. Be careful: the shark suddenly becomes aggressive and can attack. That’s why armor and weapons are so important. With them, avoiding death will be much easier.

On the island and in the ocean, you explore the post-apocalyptic world, build a house and arrange water trips. On the water you need mainly to fish, while simultaneously protecting yourself from shark attacks. Walking through the jungle, you can stumble upon something new, interesting or dangerous. For example, it is a fallen plane or wild animals.

The world left for you after the apocalypse is limited only by the island, the ocean around and the smell of ash. Find other survivors to figure out what caused the disaster. If your strategy is truly effective, it will help other people survive in this harsh world.

The application is available for Android and iPhone .

Last Day on Earth: Survival

Another game in the world of post-apocalypse, where events occur after an outbreak of an unknown infectious disease. Almost all of humanity was destroyed by a terrible disease. A handful of survivors are forced to constantly fight off zombies. To save your life, you will need a lot of effort. Gather resources, build fortifications, improve defense and attack tactics, create weapons.

You can destroy zombies not only with weapons, but also with traps. For the extermination of the living dead, everything that comes to hand will fit: sticks, old bats, traffic signs. In this cruel world, resources must also be obtained through attacks on other survivors. People are capable of anything in the pursuit of survival. There is nothing to be done – you have to turn a blind eye to humanity so as not to die.

The application is available for Android and iPhone .

60 Seconds! Atomic adventure

In this game, the nuclear apocalypse looks pretty humorous. You are a decent family man who lives quietly in the suburbs. All is well, the only problem is the atomic bomb. It simply falls on a peaceful town, after which everything changes. In just 60 seconds you have to make an extremely important decision – what exactly to take with you to the shelter.

Each time you launch a new game, a house with all its contents is regenerated. But the complexity remains the same. You must decide what and who to take with you. It is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.

Getting to the shelter with supplies was only half the battle. It is also necessary to distribute food and water in such a way that they are enough for all survivors. Thinking out a strategy in 60 seconds is not easy. If resources run out, they will have to go out into the wasteland. But it is not known how strong the radiation outside is, and what other dangers lurk there. Even if you do not leave the bunker, you will not be able to relax. Sooner or later, mutants will try to get into it.

The application is available for Android and iPhone .

Utopia: Origin – Play in Your Way

Survival in a fantasy world looks especially unusual. That is why Utopia: Origin has gained a lot of fans. The magical world is completely different from the world of the apocalypse, but there are enough dangers here.

According to the plot, you find yourself in another world and at first you can’t even understand what is happening around. First you need to build a house, because without shelter at night you will become a victim of a demon and a soldier’s skeleton. A roof over your head and fire are the best protection. No jokes – these creatures really represent a danger to life. For construction, you will need to cut trees and extract stone. Logs and cobblestones are stacked in a solid house, which is not afraid of any enemies.

Explore the world around you – this will help prepare for various dangers. Tame animals – they will be very useful in the household. All items that you find (including treasures) can hide the real danger. Do not relax due to the beautiful scenery and flying dragons. Danger lurks at every turn.

The application is available for Android and iPhone .

Out There: Ω Edition

Survival in space is more difficult than survival on Earth. Unusual conditions, lack of oxygen and dependence on the spacecraft create additional difficulties. The outer space is aggressive – you can never predict what danger will appear in the next moment. There are many puzzles lurking here, which is difficult to find a key to, but exciting.

In Out There: Ω Edition, you are an astronaut who travels through the galaxy, but not of his own free will. When you wake up from cryosus, you understand that you are in an unknown corner of the universe. Now your goal is to try to survive at all costs.

You will have to fix all the ship’s malfunctions using improvised tools and replenish oxygen reserves on the found planets. Of course, with luck. Otherwise, the fate of the unlucky astronaut will be very sad.

The gloomy atmosphere of Out There: Ω Edition will definitely appeal to both fans of dark fantasy and fans of space fantasy. Each new game is a new story and a new randomly generated corner of the galaxy. Over 300 different storylines await you in addition to the main storyline. Even the main narrative has 4 endings.

During the game you need to make contact with representatives of different alien races, but you won’t have to fight them. The only enemy is space, which should not be underestimated. But do not be afraid – there are no barriers to the brave and courageous. Show that the cosmos with all its difficulties is not an obstacle for you.

The application is available for Android and iPhone .

Day r survival

The accident at a nuclear power plant in Soviet times is an idea for many games, books and films. Day R Survival is no exception. All the action takes place on the territory of the Soviet Union in the 80s. You will need to complete quests, explore the territory and, of course, try your best to survive.

The whole country has turned into a radioactive desert inhabited by mutants. All previous life was simply destroyed. Around chaos, disease and destruction. The hero does not even know where his family is. You must find and save loved ones, but this is a very difficult task. You will have to cross a huge country filled with dangerous mutants. In this case, you will constantly feel a lack of food, medicine and shelters for recreation.

All weapons are crafted. You can’t get something ready. You need to collect different objects, combine them and get new weapons with improved characteristics. There are more than 2.5 thousand locations on the map, each of which has its own characteristics. An open world allows you to interact with other players.

Monsters, hunger, disease, thirst and a constant sense of danger – all this is not easy to cope with. Do you have the courage to go through all obstacles, find faithful allies and save your family?

The application is available for Android and iPhone .

Survivors The Quest

Pretty simple game without shooting and violence. Suitable for relaxing in the evening after a hard day or having fun in line.

Survivors is a story of survival on a deserted island, lost somewhere in the middle of the ocean. You do not have any tools or other items that will help ensure a more or less decent existence. All you need to look for! Carefully study this piece of land to find traces of ancient people who lived here thousands of years ago.

The departed civilizations left behind a lot of secrets that you have to solve. Along the way, do not forget to collect resources, cultivate the land, plant plants, and harvest. There are many treasures on the island that you will need to find. First of all, these are tools and food.

Significant attention in the game is given to cooking. Find and grow unusual plants to cook new dishes for the whole team. Survivors is a simple game with a straightforward plot, but it can captivate for many hours.

The application is available for Android and iPhone .

Another World (Out Of This World)

This is truly a legendary game since it was first released in 1991. In the story, you are the scientist Lester Knight Chaykin, who, as a result of his research, found himself in a strange world. During the experiment, a lightning bolt destroyed the entire laboratory, and Lester was moved to a parallel universe.

Now you need to be careful, because danger awaits at every step. Your goal is to return to your world. An ally will help in this, and an aggressive civilization will resist. They really want to destroy the stranger.

There are several control methods: virtual buttons on the screen, keys and a joystick connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. You can play at three difficulty levels that are set in the settings. Sounds and graphics are made so well that you get the full effect of immersion in the reality of another world.

The application is available for Android and iPhone .

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead

Are you already fed up with games that are based on hackneyed and well-known stories? Perhaps the solution would be Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead. It happens that all the plots of popular games seem to be woven together. Then it seems that you have already seen all this somewhere. But Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead is a breath of fresh air.

Dark Days Ahead is an open source survival simulator that does not have a strict storyline. You survived the apocalypse, and now the world is very unfriendly. Each time a new game is launched, it is randomly generated, but there are always monsters and remnants of a former civilization in it.

In order not to die, you will have to skillfully handle what remains of the old world. Collect useful things, find food and try to quickly escape from the city. You can not stay in this place, teeming with giant insects, mutated animals and other monsters. Leaving a metropolis without a car is problematic, only refueling cars are quite rare.

Any change of parameters or exit from the game (for example, to answer a call) causes automatic saving. Thus, you will never lose the achieved result. Igou cannot be called ideal. She has simple graphics and quite a few mistakes. But new experiences and unusual experiences are definitely worth a try.

The application is available for Android and iPhone .


A classic survival game with good 2D graphics and a standard set of tasks. You will have to collect resources and protect your life with all your might, even if it is contrary to ethical principles.

The map is a 2D dungeon that is a safe haven. It has several levels that are displayed on the map at the same time.

In the story, you are more fortunate than other residents. The nuclear disaster killed billions of people. The survivors are trying to collect as many useful resources as possible. You and your family will have to do the same. Bring as many valuable items as possible to the shelter that will be the key to survival.

Food and other resources are getting smaller and harder to obtain. Make strategic decisions. Each of them will affect the further course of the game. For example, you need to decide who to send on a sortie into the wasteland, and who is better left in the shelter.

Exploring wasteland gives you the resources you need to make weapons. It, in turn, will be needed to destroy monsters. There are no friends in this cruel world. You have to fight every minute.

The application is available for Android and iPhone .

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How long can you survive alone in outer space? Alone will answer this question. All fans of scrollers will be delighted, and ultra-fast control will make the game as dynamic as possible.

The eventful plot does not allow distracting even for a moment. The sensitivity of control is limited only by the capabilities of the smartphone. All you have to do is control the spacecraft flight, avoiding hundreds of asteroids and comets. Visit the most hidden corners of starry space, improve piloting skills, accumulate points and set personal records.

You can play on three difficulty levels. Music helps immersion in a dangerous but fantastic space world. Compare your achievements with your friends – turn the conquest of space into an exciting competition.

The application is available for Android and iPhone .

Organ Trail: Director’s Cut

Organ Trail immediately attracts the attention of players with its unusual design. The whole game is made in a pixel style, which recalls the favorite and well-known entertainment from the 90s. Even all the game instructions are made in a special style, which allows you to enjoy the “same” atmosphere.

Organ Trail is a survival game in which you collect weapons, supplies, artifacts, move around locations and fight zombies. Be careful – your team members can get sick and greatly complicate the game for everyone. Closely monitor the various stocks and replenish them in time to adequately defend against opponents.

If you wish, leave the city and act in an open area. Trade medicine, get around in a car, complete tasks for earning money and spend money on the most necessary things. Organ Trail fully simulates the weather and time of day, so the game is especially dynamic.

The application is available for Android and iPhone .

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