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Best Apps For Samsung Galaxy S8

Best Apps For Samsung Galaxy S8

With hundreds of thousands of apps readily available, it’s challenging to choose quality apps that can serve you the best. We help you find some of the best apps that you would probably like to have on your beautiful, slick Samsung Galaxy S8. The apps that can prove to be your best source of entertainment and help you manage your tasks with efficiency and consummate ease.

Following is the list of the apps that you can download and install from Google play store.

Best Apps For Samsung Galaxy S8

  1. Nova Launcher – This is the app that gives you a free hand to control and customize home screen according to your wish. One of the things that make this app super cool is its ability to let you use your phone as fast as you can run your fingers. It’s highly optimized and works with great speed. If you have Nova Launcher on your device, you have to no longer put up with the boring animations, icons, and layouts. You can choose from thousands of icon themes, change the layouts and animation and make it look more stylish. On the home screen, you can swipe, pinch, double tap or simply turn your fingers clock wise or anti-clock wise to reach your favourite app.


  1. Car Mode – The next app that you will want to have on your Galaxy S8 is the Car Mode from Samsung. It’s designed to help you manage your phone apps in a convenient way while driving. When you are on the road, the display of your phone automatically changes into a simplified interface with large contrast buttons. The Car Mode enables you to use media, messaging, maps and phone calls with a simple touch on the large icons or through voice actions. It gives you traffic alerts and helps you reach your desired destination through real-time GPS navigation.


  1. Wynk Music–If you are an ardent music lover who loves to listen to a variety of songs across the genres ranging from Indian to international, this app is for you. With as many as 2.6 million songs to choose from, it serves as a great music library. Here you can find songs in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi (and other regional languages) sung by the artists of national and international repute. Wynk Music allows you to stream and download new, popular, old and classic songs from over thousands of playlists.


  1. Dashlane– Dashlane serves the purpose of protecting the passwords of Debit / Credit Cards and several IDs be it web or otherwise.It is a very useful app in today’s day and age. If you are to make secure digital payments or login to other accounts, Daslane automatically enters the password and fills up the other necessary details for you. It also helps you in creating strong passwords for all your accounts. Another noteworthy feature of this app is that it enables you to back up all your important details on cloud storage. However, the only thing that you need to remember here is the account details of Dashlaneso that only you can have access to your personal information.


  1. The Weather Channel –Another app that I would recommend you to have on your phone is The Weather Channel for quick and accurate weather forecasts. It helps you to plan the day and take better decisions when you get hourly, daily or weekly weather forecasts. The interesting thing about this app is that it offers offline access for as long as 24 hours from the last online weather update.


So, these are the best apps we thought would be quite useful for you to have on your Samsung Galaxy S8. You can download these apps if you haven’t and enjoy the gratifying experience. If you are already using one of these, you can share your personal experience in the comment box. We appreciate your feedback.

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