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Bathing season has already opened: install these apps before going to the beach

This Saturday, June 6, officially opens the bathing season. And with this comes a set of rules that bathers will have to follow to prevent the spread of the Covid pandemic – 19.

The bathing season does not start at the same time on all beaches. But there are two apps that you need to know, and you should consider installing, before moving to the beach of your favorite beach on a sunny day.

Info Beach

This is an app developed by APA – Portuguese Environment Agency, as a tool for quickly providing up-to-date information on beaches and coastal bathing water quality.

Info Praia is advised by Prime Minister António Costa to install, and this one has a color code, which shows the user if the beach is free or full.

The app still needs some improvements. In my area (west), only the beaches of Nazaré Sul and Norte are available. More are expected to be added soon.

Info Praia

You will be able to install it on your Android device through the Google Play Store, or your iPhone or iPad, through the Apple App Store.

Can I go?

This is an app developed by Tech4Covid 19 and Deco Proteste. The data on the occupation of the beaches are also provided by APA, so do not expect additional information in this regard. In this same app, you will also have information about water quality, surveillance or whether or not there is a blue flag.

Posso Ir?

Like Info Praia, Pode Pode Ir? is available for Android users on the Google Play Store or for your iPhone or iPad through the Apple App Store.

These are apps that will work with the data provided by the users (like yours) location). At the entrance to some beaches you should expect to find additional information, but the most important will be the common sense of everyone.

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