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Bad News Samsung Smartphone burns and destroys car

Samsung Smartphone burns and destroys car

It is no longer the first time that Samsung’s smartphones are in the spotlight for less positive reasons. Today we have news that will leave some users of the Samsung Galaxy S4 to question the health of their battery.

A woman in the United States was restlessly driving her car when she suddenly sees a device burning.

The woman had two Samsung smartphones in the car. One of them the Galaxy S8 and the other the Samsung Galaxy S4.

While they have not confirmed which equipment has gone into combustion, the news source emphasizes Galaxy S4 devices that have also burned in the past.

Samsung again called into question due to problems with batteries

The woman got out of the car safely, but she could not stop the flames from destroying her car.

Firefighters confirmed that the fire actually started on one of the equipment in the car. Being that both were from Samsung, there is no doubt which brand in question.

The South Korean company has already expressed the situation indicating that they are analyzing the problem that started this combustion and that they are committed to maintaining safety in their equipment.

After the Galaxy Note 7 crash, which was withdrawn from the market due to similar problems, it is the few times we have heard of such problems.

If you have an old smartphone you are sure that the battery is healthy. Usually this analysis is visible to the naked eye. If the battery is swollen, replace it as soon as possible.


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