Home GAMES Avengers game will introduce “enduring” universe, says Marvel

Avengers game will introduce “enduring” universe, says Marvel

Avengers game will introduce enduring universe, says Marvel

The Avengers game developed by Crystal Dynamics  ( Tomb Raider ) will introduce a “long-lasting” universe, says  Marvel.

“The Avengers project will have a new and completely original story and will introduce a universe in which players can play for many years,” says the text published on the official website of Casa das Ideias. The phrase is open to several interpretations but suggests that the publisher is eyeing a game with a long lifespan – or in a universe of games that keep the public within a great story, similar to what happens in the movies.

The text, which celebrates the hiring of the creative director of Uncharted Lost Legacy and 15 industry-leading professionals, also says the game will be packed with characters, environments and iconic moments that  “will thrill Marvel fans.”

The Avengers Project – which is not yet the official name of the game – is being developed by Crystal Dynamics in partnership with  Eidos-Montréal, responsible for  Deus Ex. The game still has no platforms or release date yet but should have new details revealed in 2018.

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The title is the first of a partnership between Marvel and  Square Enix, announced in 2017.



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