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Attackers used YouTube visitors to extract cryptocurrency

Attackers used YouTube visitors to extract cryptocurrency

Recently, some users began to report that their antivirus software was found on the world’s most popular video hosting YouTube malicious code for mining cryptocurrency. The most interesting thing is that JavaScript code was built into Google advertisements and loaded processors by 80%, while the page with the video was opened, allowing attackers to extract digital currency.

YouTube malicious code for mining cryptocurrency


Developer Diego Betto was one of the first to find out what really happened. He said that the unknown people used the services of the Coinhive service, which provides the ability to apply public JavaScript code on sites to remote mining on other people’s computers.

Specialists of the company-developer of antivirus software Trend Micro said that the attackers used for their purposes the advertising platform Google DoubleClick. The most affected visitors from Japan, France, Italy and Spain.

YouTube malicious code for mining cryptocurrency 2


Interestingly, in addition to malicious code for the cryptocurrency, some users also displayed fake notifications on the danger of virus infection on YouTube and the need to urgently download an antivirus.

Google confirmed the existence of a problem and stated that they already figured out everything.

“Mining of crypto-currency through advertising is a relatively new form of fraud, which violates our policy and for which we are actively observing. We use a multi-level detection system running on all our platforms, we update it as new threats are identified. In this case, the advertisement with the built-in miner was blocked in less than two hours, and the attackers were denied access to the company’s products, “the Google representative said.


  1. Haha 😂! Best Attack! How i wish i have the idea of attacking any system or software and hack.. I will try my own way out too..

  2. We can’t be jubilating cause of this.. It’s something jeopardise and we have to take care of it by securing ourselves and systems.. Wish them Good luck over the attackers.


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