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ASUS ROG Phone dissected on Jerry Rig Everything Channel

ASUS ROG Phone dissected on Jerry Rig Everything Channel

The ASUS ROG Phone smartphone represents a new niche market, coupled with the Xiaomi Black Shark, ZTE Nubia Red Devil, and Razer Phone. Being all of them Android smartphones for gaming, all of them top of the range extremely desirable and irreverent. Now we can see its interior and its audacious construction.

However, note that with the exception of Nubia Red Devil they all use the same mobile platform. In this case, Snapdragon 845 from Qualcomm, its latest high-end processor, making them extremely fast and capable of supporting demanding games. Everything else is already well known.

Firstly, the ASUS ROG Phone was undoubtedly a device that came to change the rules of the game. This is about the experience of playing on an Android smartphone. Therefore it was also considered the fastest phone on the planet in the AnTuTu ranking.

It’s time to unmount the ASUS ROG Phone

However, it can also be said that the ASUS ROG Phone came to slightly change the construction format of the smartphone itself. It is not a mere rectangular block of metal and glass. We have here a little more, some very bold decisions in its construction and of course, in its design. However, the best is to be within it, in the decisions that underlie its conception and subsequent construction. Something that is perfectly demonstrated by Mr. Zack of the channel Jerry Rig Everything. So here’s your new video, then.

Secondly, we can see all its components and all the attention devoted to cooling and, consequently, to performance. The result turns out to be a gorgeous Android smartphone for the most enthusiastic players and on a budget.

An Android game dedicated to games

Thirdly, we can also see various details like the backlit logo on this smartphone. We also have several details of your cooling rack and more. Something that is perfectly explored and demonstrated in the video above.

In short, all this makes ASUS ROG Phone on a very captivating Android smartphone, one of the most interesting of 2018.


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