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Artist God of War denies downgrade games

Artist God of War denies downgrade games

Raf Grasseti, the art director of this year’s most exclusive PlayStation exclusive, said that all the talk about the downgrade of God of War has nothing to do with reality. Recall that some users noticed in the recent trailer of the new part about the adventures of Kratos, the deterioration of graphics compared with the video, shown by the studio Santa Monica in 2016. Art director told how things are in reality.

According to art director God of War, they changed only the direction of light and fog, and all the rest of the content remained unchanged.

“Only the direction of light and fog has changed. The excerpt of the game presented on E3 2016 will be present in the release version, but it will be slightly different. You will understand everything when you play. Yormungand, Kratos, and Atreus will remain exactly the same as we showed them in trailers. I can not laugh without reading all these comments, “Raf Grasseti wrote.

And in order not to be unfounded, Raf published several screenshots from the game to demonstrate the actual level of graphics in it:

God of War

Artist God of War denies downgrade games

God of War 2

The release of the new part of God of War will take place on April 20 exclusively on the PlayStation 4.


  1. It’s a very good game, God of War! But I don’t own any of the game gadgets to experience the way it really cool.. Thanks 😊!

  2. I know that God of War is always a great game, they should try and make it suitable to the customers.. Let’s wait to see what it will offer.

  3. Great article! It’s still okay right..? What’s the essence of downgrading again.. This graphic shows the same as the other one.. Thanks for the info.


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