Artificial Intelligence in Photoshop will help to pinpoint people in the photo

Replacing the background in the photo is no more a surprise to anyone, but it remains one of the most time-consuming operations in Photoshop. It seems that soon it will change: Adobe presented a new function called Select Subjects. With it, you do not have to allocate anything yourself: just select this tool and click on any place in the image. The object will be highlighted automatically, after which you can immediately proceed to manipulate it or to replace the background.

The implementation of this function became possible thanks to Sensei – the proprietary AI-platform Adobe. She uses machine learning to find people, animals and other objects in the photo and accurately allocate them. In the demo, video the function worked on one person, shot in the middle of the street, a group of volleyball players, a couple in love on the beach and even on a red panda.

In some cases, small details like individual hair or wool may not be captured, and manual refinement will still be required, but using this function greatly simplifies the task. In this case, you can expect that in the future Select Subjects will cope even better thanks to machine learning.

Photoshop Touch for Android 1.3.6

Note that this function is already implemented in plug-ins for a photoshop like Akvis SmartMask and Fluid Mask. They do, in fact, the same thing, but it is much more convenient to have such a tool inside the program itself, and not as a separate paid plug-in. So far, it’s not possible to try Select Subjects: it will be included in one of the following assemblies of Photoshop CC. The exact release date has not yet been named.



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