Aquaris X and Aquaris X Pro Receive Android Oreo 8.1 Update

Aquaris X and Aquaris X Pro Receive Android Oreo 8.1 Update

The Spanish-based Spanish manufacturer, BQ, has now begun upgrading its Aquaris X Pro BQ and Aquaris X BQ devices with Google’s new Android Oreo 8.1. The update arrives today via OTA ( over the air ) to the top of the company.

If you have one of these mobile devices, as our readers warned us, you can already use the latest version of this operating system. This is Google’s Android Oreo 8.1, a version that is only present in 0.5% of all smartphones with this platform.

We have to congratulate the Spanish construction company for taking the commitment to its users and consumers so seriously. The system update thus makes the HRC bets on two of the first smartphones worldwide to receive this Android Oreo 8.1.

Note that not even all the devices launched under the platform Android One of Google have already received this version. Here, once again, we welcome the manufacturer’s attitude by devoting so much attention and efforts to keeping their devices up to date.

BQ Aquaris X Pro and BQ Aquaris X are receiving Android Oreo 8.1 from Google

Dubbed by our Google Pixel Lite’s Philippe Alves, Androidvillaz does not give praise to anyone who pays or smiles. It was not by accident that the Aquaris X Pro BQ received our appreciation. Turning out to be an excellent bet for the mid/high end segment at the time it was released. Now, HRC proves to us and all its users that the trust placed in the brand was not vain or unfounded. In fact, may all brands follow his example.


The  Aquaris X Pro BQ smartphone has a Full-HD screen, 1080 x 1920 pixels with a total of 5.2 inches diagonal. It features the 16: 9 format and inside we have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 processor.

These are the features of the BQ Aquaris X Pro

We also have a total of 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. Here with the possibility of using a microSD memory card. This is for anyone who wants to increase their storage.

The Aquaris X Pro HRC also features a 5MP front camera for all your selfies with a f / 2.0 focal aperture. We also have your 12MP rear camera with a f / 1.8 focal aperture for your photos and videos.

We can even refer to its 3100mAh battery capacity. Here we can even highlight your biometric reader on the back/fingerprint sensor. The device was released with the Android Nougat operating system (7.1.1). It also has a Type C USB port and Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 quick charging technology.

The firmware package with Android’s Android Oreo 8.1 weighs a total of 2.8GB. This should download the news through a Wi-Fi connection. You should also charge your battery with at least 50% charge before proceeding with the installation.

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