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Apple is about to acquire Shazam in a millionaire deal

Apple is about to acquire Shazam

Do you remember when it was difficult to identify “that song” that was playing on the radio? When there was no other way, quick and practical to recognize the track and the artist of that song that was awakening you a curiosity incapable of being ignored? It was harder times is true. At the time the app (App) Shazam was the only one to be able, as a good degree of success, to identify what you were listening to. Now, Apple will want to buy this once glorious App in a millionaire business.

The music market is growing and we have more and more streaming music services competing for consumer preference. Competition increases as this entire niche market become more profitable and therefore desirable.

Apple will be preparing to buy Shazam in a millionaire deal

For now, it’s just a rumor. As the site Variety advances, the site Phonearena, among others, the millionaire business would reach 400 million dollars. This would be the starting offer of Cupertino. We’ll have to wait a few more days before we can confirm this.That said, the current “players” need to renew and strengthen their range of features in a constant effort to justify the investment of consumers.

Moreover, they suggest that the official announcement of this millionaire deal be made next Monday if we listen to speculation on this topic. Note that recently in 2015, Shazam got a capital injection in the order of one billion dollars. So if the rumors are right this would mean that the Shazam App may have lost up to 60% of its value in just two years.

According to the data pointed out by Shazam its application has already been downloaded and installed in more than 190 countries more than one billion times. In fact, per day will be 20 million installations of this application capable of identifying the name of a song, a television series, and other content.

Why, why would Apple buy Shazam in this millionaire business? Well, quite simply to increase the value of your iTunes. To boost this segment of its services.

This possibility was also advanced by Apple’s internal sources. This would be interested in acquiring the application, recognizing its value and definitely wanting to integrate all its capabilities and functionalities into the music services of the Cupertino giant.

Apple is about to acquire Shazam in a millionaire deal

Business can be announced soon by Apple

For now, it is not known for sure what Shazam’s role will really be after it integrates Apple’s already vast ecosystem. However, the potential interest of US technology in visual augmentation and augmented reality capabilities cannot be ruled out. Something that Shazam has been working on for the past few years. Something that could be Apple’s immediate interest.The partnership between Apple and Shazam is several years old and allows App users to purchase songs they recognize through Shazam. These features are also integrated with the Siri virtual assistant.

As usual, Apple refuses to make any statement on the subject despite more and more technology sites are advancing this news. For now, we have to wait for a possible formalization of the millionaire business. We hope to see what the future holds for Shazam.

The purchase decision can be announced soon, stay tuned to 4gnews and do not lose pinch!


  1. This Apple ? Self, I think they have a great reason for not been given any information about the last topic…. Now they wanna purchase a millionaire business… Is okay ?, let me wait and see too.. Apples products are always sounds great and best.


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