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Apple’s Augmented Reality Glasses Concept

Apple's Augmented Reality Glasses Concept
Apple's Augmented Reality Glasses Concept

Perhaps Apple is working on augmented reality glasses with a dual 8K display, a proprietary processor and a new operating system. A potential release may take place at the end of 2019.

It’s not known whether Microsoft HoloLens and Google Glass will look funnier, but we would really like them to look like concept images you can see below.


In the concept, much attention is paid to style, as was the case with the original Apple Watch. Points could work on the Apple A13 processor, use graphite batteries, and also contain a lot of sensors.


Unlike virtual reality glasses, with augmented reality glasses you always see your surroundings. Virtual reality completely replaces the real, and the augmented only places the virtual objects on top of the real environment. It’s as if you were looking at the world through the camera of your iPhone.

Take a look at the renders below, they look really beautiful.


But the pictures are not everything, the author of the concept created an entire site in the style of Apple, dedicated to the points.


We advise you to evaluate it: adr-studio.it/lens .


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