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Apple WWDC already has official days! iOS 13, MacOS, WatchOS 6 and TOS on the way!

Apple WWDC already has official days! iOS 13, MacOS, WatchOS 6 and TOS on the way!

Apple has officially announced the dates for its WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference). It is at this annual conference that we see the new Apple systems to be unveiled. IOS 13, MacOS 10.5, WatchOS 6 and TOS 13 are expected for this year.

It is no secret that the Cupertino company holds this conference every year in early June. Well, Apple has revealed that the developer conference will start on June 3rd.

It’s only on Monday that we will hear more about the new systems. The conference lasts until the end of the week, however, it’s more dedicated to developers than to mere onlookers.

Going to Apple WWDC is not (anything) cheap

To see iOS13 be officially revealed face-to-face developers will have to pay $ 1599 (€ 1300) per ticket. As usual Apple will make a lottery of tickets, however, there will be few lucky ones that will be there without paying anything.

What to expect from Apple iOS 13?

The new Apple iOS 13 should bring improvements to iPhone and iPad. Dark Mode is almost guaranteed. The new trend of applications helps the smartphone save battery and gives us a slightly different design. The Cupertino company is also expected to give more options to the iPad with iOS 13.

It is said that the new system will only reach the iPhone 7 and above. This leads us to believe that Apple will give more possibilities in the field of Augmented Reality. Applications that older processors simply can not keep up with.

What other systems are you?

There are not many rumors or leaks of information from other systems. Apple Watch should have another dozen watch faces that value the borderless screen on the new watch. No major improvements in design are expected as well.

Apple TV, meanwhile, should receive a new system, but what is expected is the service competing with Netflix that can also be officially revealed at WWDC.

Any hardware in sight for the Apple WDC?

There has not been much talk about hardware, however, it is possible that the Cupertino company will bring us on iPads. The rumors are scarce so do not put certainties in this information.


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