Apple would be preparing an M1X chip for the iMac and the MacBook Pro 16 ″


Apple M1X, this could be the name chosen by those from Cupertino for their next processor , which would debut with the MacBook Pro of 16 inches and the iMac.

Nuevos Mac con Apple Silicon
The MacBook Air, Pro and mini already have their version with Apple’s M1 processor.

At the beginning of this month of November, Apple released to the general public the first computers with proprietary Apple Silicon chips M1, a revolution in terms of power and consumption that only receives positive reviews from all sides.

This chip came from the hand MacBook Pro’s 14 inch, MacBook Air and Mac mini, which mount an 8-core and 8-core version or 16 GB of shared RAM memory . Now, what seems to be Apple’s next big step is focused on the following range of models: the MacBook Pro from 16 inches and the iMac.

According to various tweets from leaksApplePro leaks, Apple’s next chip It would be a supposedly called M1X , which, according to sources that are already testing it, ensures that it is an incredibly fast processor (yes, even more so than the M1).

This assumption M1X would be formed by 12 cores as opposed to the 8 of the M1, which would be distributed in 8 of high performance and 4 of high efficiency , and it would be the MacBook Pro of 16 inches, the most powerful of the range, the one in charge of releasing it.

Apple M1X:

– 13 Cores.

– 8 performance cores.

– 4 high efficiency cores.

– Coming first on a MacBook Pro

16 ”unveiling as a press release.

– According to a source who used a prototype, “if you think M1 is fast, you haven’t seen M1X”.

– Name isn’t final though.

— LeaksApplePro (@LeaksApplePro) November 22, 1399

Followed by this tweet, he has also shared another in the that talks about the iMac and the M1X, announcing that we could see a new model of the iMac of 24 inches, which would incorporate the new chip and which would come with a redesigned Magic Mouse . It would be presented in March, and its starting price would be 1399 $ according to informs.

Ok so… iMac.

24 ”


$ 1399

Magic Mouse redesign

Coming in March

I’ll make a more complete post in my website with more details.

But these are the most important ones.


– LeaksApplePro (@LeaksApplePro) November 19, 2020

The latest benchmarks made to the M1 have made it clear that the MacBook Air with processor Apple Silicon is even more powerful in the more vitaminized variant of the MacBook Pro of 16 inches with Intel i9 chip, so expectations regarding the new chip and the new Macs are more than served from the first moment .

Although as indicated in the first tweet the name of M1X might not be final yet , it does seem that the 16 inch MacBook Pro is the ideal candidate to release the new processor. The new Apple Silicon, manufactured with 5nm technology, encompass in a single SoC what the previous versions with Intel processor had us used to sell by parts, now having in the same chip processor, GPU, RAM memory, connections, Security Enclave and others .

Craig Federighi con el Mac M1
Craig Federighi with the MacBook Air with M1

The 3 Mac models already available are on sale from the same day of the presentation event, and are revolutionizing the industry due to their power and efficiency, something in which Intel chips were not able to stand out.

Although the transition process from the old Intel architecture to the new Apple ARM processors is only beginning, the new chips are giving their best same from minute 1 , and showing that Apple has taken very seriously leaving behind an architecture that they had been using for the last 14 years.

Procesador M1
M1 processor characteristics

Apple has gotten tired of waiting for Intel to decide to move in a market that does nothing but grow , and where the company that has accompanied them for years has shown to be stagnant even against its direct competition, AMD, which has a significant advantage over them. Now, the new M1 turn the corral upside down , allowing performance never seen in a MacBook or Mac mini, and also allowing to lower the price of Apple computers. As scary as the whole process of transition from one architecture to another may be, at this point and seeing the advantages, it only remains to wonder, why haven’t they done it before?

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