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Apple Watch Series 4 feature saves user life in Norway

Apple Watch Series 4 feature saves user life in Norway

In the last quarter of 2018, Apple unveiled the 4th generation of its smartwatch and the functions that were most highlighted by the manufacturer were the electrocardiogram and the detector of falls. Recently, in Norway, it was just the last quoted function that saved the life of a user named Toralv Østvang, 65 years old. 

According to NRK news, after a strong and accidental fall, the Norwegian was discovered bleeding, unconscious and fallen on the floor of the bathroom by his daughter. In the meantime, the Apple Watch Series 4 had come into action and a distress call had already been issued for the emergency.

After his hospitalization, three facial fractures were reported and, according to Toralv’s daughter, the story could have ended in a very different way: “It could have been much worse. would have happened if he had not used the smartwatch? “He had not taken the phone to the bathroom, it is incredible that he had received such rapid help from the device until the police found him. his life. 

Toralv Østvang interned
Toralv Østvang interned (Photo: NRK)


The 4th generation of the Apple smartwatch has the function of detecting the fall of the user and, when a fall occurs, the device sends a message asking if everything is okay. If there is no response within 1 minute, the watch automatically connects to an emergency service, sharing the location of the event.

It is certain that cell phones and wearables have evolved over time, but it is very interesting and gratifying to know that the technology embedded in the new devices have reached the point of not only helping users to take care of their health but also saving their lives!


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