Apple wants to enter the gaming world but to “plot” other companies


Let’s face it: no one sees Apple as a gaming company. Despite the Apple Arcade, Apple is not seen in the same way as Sony or Microsoft, with PlayStation and Xbox, respectively. However, the apple company wants to change that.

However, Apple is doing it in a way that may not be the most favorable. This is because recently, Apple did not approve the Microsoft xCloud app on the App Store, barring entry to the application store.

xCloud is one of the most awaited platforms, as it allows streaming of games in real time , across multiple devices. It is similar to other existing programs like Google Stadia or Steam Remote Play but promises to be even better.


In fact, xCloud was already being tested on iOS and already has an internal version for testing, but Apple denied entry. However, another application that has been trying to be approved for months has been approved.

Apple approved the Facebook Gaming App with a snag

Facebook has been trying to enter the Apple App Store for months with its Facebook Gaming app. Last week, Apple finally approved the application with a big asterisk: Facebook had to remove the game library, an essential feature on any platform.

Therefore, Apple’s approval it was a poisoned gift. It is unfortunate that Apple has to use such tactics to not compete with Apple Arcade within the store itself. It will not take long before another anti-competition practices process.

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