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Apple updates its iMac, but still without what everyone wants

Much was said that Apple would be preparing an update for its line of desktop computers. Well, that update took place today, however, we still don’t have new iMacs with a renewed design.

In fact, the update is limited to internal hardware and the most significant ones are seen in the 27 inch model. The smaller model (21 .5 inches) has only as a great novelty the fact that its storage base is now SSD. Something that happens in both models.


27 New iMac has new processors, but the same design

The big news in the update that Apple released today is the inclusion of processors 10 Intel’s 3rd generation on your iMac 27 inches. At your disposal you will have the option to choose between a Core-i5, Core-i7 or Core-i9 and also the option between six, eight or ten cores.

As for the graphics processing, the models base will come with a Radeon Pro GPU 5300 or 5500 XT, with the possibility of choosing a Radeon Pro 5700 or 5700 XT. Note that in the Core-i7 version you can choose a Radeon Pro 5700 XT with incredible ones 16 GB of GDDR6 memory.

Speaking of memory, we have to scrutinize the new SSDs present in this iMac . The base version is now 512 GB, being possible to reach an impressive 8TB, also in SSD. However, I warn you in advance that this update alone will cost you more than 3 thousand euros.

Regarding RAM, all models start with 8GB DDR4. For those who have many programs open at the same time, there is always the possibility of increasing to GB 128 GB.

When many people wait for a renewed design in this line of computers, Apple has remained faithful to the design that we have known for several years. Which means your screen remains with those huge margins.

Still, there is something new to note on the screen of this revamped iMac. In addition to the inclusion of True Tone technology, Apple offers the possibility of opting for an anti-reflective layer.

To improve the security of its computers, Apple has included the T2 processor in this new generation. In addition to greater security capabilities, this chip allows the execution of Siri voice commands.

Price and availability

All the news that I described above translate into a base price of 2199 €. Of course, these values ​​go up as you add more capabilities to your Device. Deliveries start next week.

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