Apple unviel a new Apple Pencil 2 with wireless charging

Rumours before presentation contained little information about the updated Apple Pencil stylus, but Apple still presented it along with the new iPad Pro 2018 line. The company made several changes and made the stylus even better.

Apple Pencil 2 automatically connects to the tablet and charges wirelessly. It is attached to the magnet to the edge of the new iPad Pro. If you touch the display with a new stylus, the Notes application will automatically open. Double-tapping the stylus itself will switch modes (between brush and eraser). In Adobe Photoshop for iPad Pro, double-tapping the Apple Pencil side means zooming in, so the functionality will depend on the applications.

The Apple Pencil 2 has a flat side, so it will be even more convenient to keep it. In addition, this side it is attached to the tablet, and it also provides wireless charging.

It is worth noting that Apple Pencil 2 is compatible with only the latest two models of iPad Pro. The cost of the old Apple Pencil is 7890 p.

New Apple Pencil worth 10790 p. You can order it now, and the stylus will appear in stores on November 7, along with the new iPad Pro.


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