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The Apple TV 4K will not be a port USB-C

Apple TV 4K no USB-C web

A new Apple TV 4K returned Gigabit Ethernet port ( the last model wired internet works at a speed of 10/100 Mbit / s), but because it removed the USB-C port helpful.

On Apple TV, the fourth generation, which is still on sale, USB-C port there.

Apple has added a port for service work and support, but enthusiasts use it to connect the TV to their computers and hacked firmware installed the Xcode, included the recovery mode, etc.

As for Ethernet ports, video playback at 4K will depend on the internet signal, so that it is not in vain added support for 1000 Mb / s.

According to the company, to broadcast content in 4K need internet at a speed of 15 MB / s, so nice to be able to connect the Apple TV 4K to the modem with an Ethernet port, which can provide a high-speed signal path.

As before, the TV can connect to Wi-Fi 802.11ac with the MIMO, but a cable connection, certainly, will be faster and more reliable.

More information about the new Apple TV 4K can be foundĀ here.


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