Home NEWS Apple to cut ties with Intel and Qualcomm in the future

Apple to cut ties with Intel and Qualcomm in the future

Apple to cut ties with Intel and Qualcomm in the future

As a company, Apple is certainly the proudest. Its products are a symbol of quality and status in the world of technology.

In this sense, it is not uncommon to see the Cupertino company get on badly with other manufacturers. Sometimes partnerships end abruptly.

Recent reports indicate that Apple is considering starting to manufacture its own smartphone modems. At this time the company maintains a partnership with Intel.

Intel may no longer have business with Apple

Firstly, it is Intel that currently manufactures the modems that equip the iPhone. CPU technology introduced in November last year its new 5G modem. As we know the 5G links will be the great bet of mobile internet of 2019.

However, Apple may be able to completely terminate its dealings with Intel. The reports describe a change in the team of engineers in modem technology. Some workers moved from the support department to work directly with hardware.

Secondly, we have Johny Srouji. This is the vice president of hardware technologies at Apple. Srouji has been leading the modems department since January.

Why does Apple end partnerships?

Prior to joining Intel, the apple company worked closely with Qualcomm, which also manufactures modems. However, the relations began to sour, not knowing the exact reasons. There are those who claim that Apple tried to pass Secrets of Qualcomm to Intel but there is no concrete evidence.

With Intel there are no problems, for now. However, we know how Apple likes its “independence” despite relying on several companies to manufacture components of their handsets.

In conclusion, the modem forms a core part of the operation of any smartphone. Its quality dictates the stability of all device connections. If Apple decides to move forward, it’s best not to look at expenses. Otherwise, it could be a shot in the foot.


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