Home NEWS Apple to acquire part of Dialog Semiconductor for 521 million euros

Apple to acquire part of Dialog Semiconductor for 521 million euros

Apple to acquire part of Dialog Semiconductor for 521 million euros

This is one of the most valuable companies in the world, the Cupertino company has already accustomed itself to this type of acquisitions. Therefore, after the Beats as well as the Shazam. Meanwhile, we also had the acquisition of smaller companies such as Spektral as well as Vrvana and now Dialog Semiconductor.

Their latest acquisition, Dialog Semiconductor, may even be a name that is completely unknown. However, this company is mainly dedicated to the production of components for mobile devices and smartphones.

In this sense, the acquisition by Apple involved a total of 600 million dollars or about 521 million euros. The announcement was made this morning and will be one of the biggest acquisitions of the year for the North American technology.

This amount will celebrate the understanding between the two companies. However, Apple will not immediately acquire Dialog as a whole. Instead, it will be for a given period of time during which both companies will interconnect.

Apple acquires part of Dialog Semiconductor

First and in a first phase Apple will invest the aforementioned 600 million dollars. However, over a period of 3 years the US technology will use various energy management technologies developed by Dialog. It will be during this first phase that Apple will deliver the first tranche – 300 million dollars to the company. Therefore, will confirm the transfer of some property and 300 employees to the structure of the giant of Cupertino.

Apple iPhone XS Max

The second tranche, the additional 300 million dollars will be delivered to Dialog during a period of 3 years. In short, the technology based in Cupertino will essentially buy part of the company based in the United Kingdom.

Apple wants to strengthen its chip production sector

Meanwhile, Apple is also committed to continuing to negotiate with the British company with what remains of Dialog. In other words, we see the American technology to reinforce all its know-how in the development of processors and components.

Therefore, the brand thus strengthens all its “engine” and department of production and development of components. Something that will undoubtedly help you improve the chips you employ in your products.


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