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Apple Silicon Valley estimates that the company will not exist in six years’ time

Apple is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, an overwhelming company for all competition. Google, Microsoft and many others, such as Amazon for example, only saw the company stand out from everything, by the positive.

From the moment he reached the top – thanks to the launch of the first Apple iPhone in 2007 – he never left it. Quotation of stock in stock market, brand value, media opinionApple seemed, and it seems, unbeatable.

However, this reality that we are witnessing today, and with which we have been facing for almost a decade, may well be numbered. At least, that’s what other companies in the heart of Silicon Valley indicate.

Apple will not take the pressure from Google, Microsoft and Amazon?

In the home of those who are some of the largest companies in the technology industry that there are memories, there are several theses that estimate the end of Apple as we know today, in a temporal spectrum of just over five years.

The point is to realize to what extent this may be true. In the first place, no one can say for sure who it would lose. Google? Microsoft? Samsung?

Well, maybe Amazon has been the main candidate for the  throne  in half a dozen years – not so much, perhaps.

On the other hand, forgetting all this – whoever is ahead, who does not stay – we must remember that this article was based on information obtained by people who actually work in Silicon Valley. Consequently, its link with the industry, and directly or indirectly with Apple, is substantial.

Thus, in estimating that Apple will not exist, as we know it today, six years from now, we can speculate why such an event. And, in fact, it is somewhat unthinkable to take such a view.

Apple has astronomical profits, a panoply of fantastic products and, above all, unparalleled recognition. However, Nokia also had it, Kodak , etc. However, it is possible to see that it is the focus of all the others in the first place and that being on top may have blinded it in the last few years, secondly.

Or is it the Apple itself that will let itself be overcome by thinking that everything is controlled?

The Apple iPhone continues to be your most successful product and weighs most heavily in your Reports and Accounts. But Google and Amazon are very much prepared to grasp the world of virtual assistants and although Microsoft has not the expression level mobile, the MacOS is near the tiny Windows.

So when the Apple iPhone is no longer as relevant to the market as mobile phones are when Nokia depended on them, it could be a bad thing.

Silicon Valley is certainly one of the best sources of information one could ask for in this regard. And there it is, it is still a long time before the information described above can be effectively verified.

However, it is not at all as misguided as many may say it is. The indices of innovation, pass the expression, the company of Cupertino are less and less, and more than that, less and less at the correct time of time.

That is, HomePod arrived late literally as well as Apple TV or Apple Music. At the level of gaming by itself, neither is worth talking about in the company of Tim Cook. On the other hand, Siri is as she has always been.

Even the latest versions of software that the company made available to the market, whether through iOS or watchOS, for example, seemed far from finished.

In the background, it’s as if Apple were uninspired, unlike Google, Microsoft or Amazon, for example. Either that, or the fact that you  do not have to struggle to continue to walk the red carpet of success.

Well, maybe we should talk again in 2024, or 2025, who knows.

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  1. All they need to do is implement those features needed by the masses that’s all.
    I wish them all the best though.
    Thanks for info.

  2. Harun Khalid Adeiza

    They don’t have to be saying that they are not going to exist in the near 6 years, they just have to adjust their services to suit of people. Thanks

  3. That’s not better idea! They should figure out a way that will help everyone’s including their business. Thanks

  4. Wish them success already…. More years for a good silicon valley

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