Home NEWS Apple says Qualcomm sued for messing with supplier switching

Apple says Qualcomm sued for messing with supplier switching

Apple says Qualcomm sued for messing with supplier switching

After a week of a legal rowApple and Qualcomm presented their final arguments regarding the patent infringement process on Wednesday (13) in San Diego. Qualcomm focused on talking about a particular patent, while Apple argued that the chipset maker was attacking it because it was traded by Intel.

Currently, the lawsuit involves three patents, but Qualcomm focused on allowing a smartphone to quickly connect to the Internet after it is turned on. This is the patent that the former Apple engineer, Arjuna Siva, contributed in the creation, but was not named as one of the inventors.

After a few twists and turns, Siva decided to testify earlier this week, saying he does not see himself as a co-inventor. Apple, in turn, claims that someone would have influenced him to make that statement.

Already inside the court, David Nelson, defense lawyer of Qualcomm, made it clear that Siva said that he does not “claim” to be a co-inventor, in addition to noting that the former engineer did not have the opportunity to read the patent on which he was being involved. In his closing address, he still turned to Apple’s defense asking “Why not show him these things?”.

Meanwhile, Apple’s attorney, Juanita Brooks, has taken a more comprehensive approach by closing the arguments. Brooks explained that the “real motivation” for Qualcomm’s patent infringement claims is related to the move from Apple to Intel, with the opponent getting upset about it.

Apple further claims that while the two companies have had an exclusive deal since 2011, Qualcomm was venturing into offering its chips to other mobile phone industries and that therefore Apple could also “be able to date another person”.

It is worth remembering that the chipset maker is demanding a value of US $ 1.40 for each iPhone that claims to have its technology shipped, and could reach US $ 31 million. While this Wednesday marked the end of this patent infringement process, the two companies will meet again in court next month to challenge Qualcomm’s royalty 


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