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Apple says it maintains nearly half a million jobs in the United States

Apple says it maintains nearly half a million jobs in the United States

In a publication made on Monday (28) on its official website, the Apple revealed exactly how has helped to create jobs in the United States, saying that in 2018 the company acquired components from over 9000 suppliers in the country, which directly and indirectly helped maintain nearly half a million jobs.

The post was a direct response to a NY Times report published Monday morning which revealed that Apple was forced to postpone the release of the MacBook Pro in 2013 because it could not find a specific screw supplier in the United States and have been obliged to import the component of China.

In its official statement, Apple gave special focus to Apple’s Advanced Manufacturing Fund program, which transformed an abandoned warehouse in the town of Sherman, Texas, into a place where workers are empowered to produce and improve the TrueDepth system introduced in the Apple with the iPhone X in 2017.

In the section on suppliers, the Cupertino company makes a point of citing that, in 2018, the company spent about US $ 60 billion on 9 thousand local suppliers, which together account for about 450 thousand jobs. The company still shows that this figure was 10% higher than the one spent in 2017, which shows that Apple is concerned about the development of the local industry, and also cites that the number of jobs that the company creates or helps to maintain, directly or indirectly, more than tripled in the last seven years, from 600 thousand in 2011 to almost 2 million places in 2018, divided among 50 states of the country.

The publication also highlights some of the innovative technologies used in iPhones that have been developed and manufactured within the United States, such as the screen glass of iPhones and iPads, which are produced by Corning (a Kentucky glass company that has been active for 65 years), the waterproof iPhone that was developed by Cincinnati Test Systems in Ohio, and the broadband internet connection chips that are manufactured by Broadcom (Fort Collins / Colorado), Qorvo (Hillsboro / Oregon) ) and Skyworks (Woburn / Massachusetts). Another highlight was the AMP program, which provides training to high school students, teaching them to work in technical positions within production lines and encouraging them to pursue engineering careers in the future.

In addition to the NY Times report, Apple has been accused for months by President Donald Trump of not investing in job creation within the United States and outsourcing all manufacturing of its products to Chinese companies.


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