Apple reminds that the Access to my Mac function will soon disappear

In June, Apple officially presented an update to its operating system for computers – macOS 10.14 Mojave.

Soon after, it became known that Apple wants to remove the “Access to my Mac” feature, which works on iCloud and provides remote access to devices. And now the company reminds users that the function will soon disappear.
The notification reads about the following:
Service Access to my Mac will soon stop working. You can continue to use iCloud Drive to access your files on different devices.
On the notification, you need to confirm that you are notified that the function will disappear, or you can learn more about it. The company provides a support document on how to completely switch to iCloud Drive and also talks about remote access and other functions.
For many years, users have become accustomed to “Access to my Mac”, so their news will upset. Nevertheless, there is iCloud Drive, through which you can just as easily access your files on different devices.


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