Apple releases iOS update that fixes FaceTime security flaw

Apple will launch on Thursday (7) iOS 12.1.4 to fix a security flaw in FaceTime application. The new version will soon be released to users.

The update arrives two weeks after the error is discovered, which affected the FaceTime call function. The security breach allowed one person to listen to the other’s audio before the call was answered. The bug also freed the FaceTime video stream from the user who silenced the connection from the physical button on the phone.

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Apple has disabled the FaceTime application for all its users while it does not provide the update. But devices with versions prior to iOS 12.1.4 may end up without access to the application for good.

It is possible that the security breach occurred after an iOS update, which included the group connection function for FaceTime.

Apple’s initial expectation was that the new iOS would be released last week. The problem has already been resolved on the company’s servers.

The security flaw has prompted users in Canada and the United States, who were affected by the bug, to file suit against Apple.


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