Apple released a new USB-C charging for Apple Watch

Apple is already accepting preorders for the iPhone XR , and now the company has also released a new wireless charging for the Apple Watch with a USB-C connector.

New charging is exactly the same as the old one, but now it has a USB-C connector, not USB-A. It is worth the same charge.

Apple first released Apple Watch charging with a USB-C connector. This indicates two things: the growing popularity of USB-C technology and the fact that Apple will switch to USB-C with the iPad Pro 2018 line.

Magnetic cable for charging Apple Watch 0.3m long can be purchased on the Apple website. In stores, it will appear next week. About the options in the 1m and 2m, so far nothing is known, only one is available – 0.3m.

About wireless charging AirPower is still unknown, so it is unlikely that she will see the light at all.


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