Home NEWS Apple & Qualcomm Heads To Court For Patent Infringements

Apple & Qualcomm Heads To Court For Patent Infringements

Apple & Qualcomm Heads To Court For Patent Infringements

Today, a Beijing intellectual property court revealed that Qualcomm has filed a lawsuit against Apple on the September 29, although the filing details were not made public for some reason we can’t tell. This is the latest fracas between Apple & Qualcomm ongoing universal legal dispute. The suit alleges infringement of three non-standard vital patents and seeks injunctive relief. Qualcomm went to court demanding that they ban iPhone productions and sales in China because Apple is using its technology without giving them their due loyalty.



Apple cannot stand to lose this sensitive for two major purposes. Firstly, a huge part of iPhone’s are produced in China thus a production restriction will undoubtedly cripple the firm. Secondly, two-thirds of Apple’s revenue is from iPhone sales thus losing this lawsuit will have a huge effect on Apple. A sales ban in China will not hurt as much as a production prohibition, but this is exceptionally debatable because China is the largest smartphone market worldwide.

Qualcomm Chipset


Apple & Qualcomm are involved in what will likely be a yearslong and epic battle. This is not the first time that Qualcomm was requesting that iPhone sales be banned in a country. Recall that in July 2017, Qualcomm sued Apple for producing inferior modems (relative to Intel’s) and asked that ITC ban iPhone sales in the US. Apple initiated the court cases when it sued Qualcomm in January over its supposedly “unfair” royalty collection systems because Qualcomm requires a chunk of the total price of iPhones and other Apple devices as a licensing fee for its patents. The big question remains “will they ever stop?”


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