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Apple prepares an upgrade to solve the problem with Qualcomm

Apple believes it can solve some of the legal issues with Qualcomm through an iOS update. However, Qualcomm does not give up banning iPhones in China.

Qualcomm attacks, Apple counterattacks

In fact, now that the chipmaker has managed to block the sale of certain models in Chinese territory, Apple has decided to counterattack. So the solution might be in an update for iOS. It can do away with the issues that may be causing potential violations. By the way an Apple spokesman said that next week will launch a new update, only for iPhones in China that will solve the problem related to the two patents.

The Patents involve images and application management

The patents in question relate to how images are resized and how applications are managed. Apple is claiming that iOS 12 does not infringe any of the patents, as Qualcomm complains. Moreover, even if the apple giant forces all iPhone users in China to upgrade to the new version of iOS, Qualcomm is still looking for an agreement.

Qualcomm asks China to ban the Sales of iPhone XR and XS

Still, Apple counterattacks and claims that a deal with the chipset maker may be bad for the Chinese mobile device market. Patent licensing agreements and patent royalties paid to Qualcomm may eventually be removed from control if an agreement is imposed.

This problem is about to last

However, this problem will not be resolved very quickly. There have been a number of accusations between the two companies. An example of this is the theft of trade secrets to the breach of processor technologies. What matters is that Qualcomm does not seem to want to give up.

This company is also behind Apple’s production partners to stop producing iPhones that are infringing on patents.

Despite Apple’s claims that specific versions of iOS do not infringe patents, Qualcomm has now turned weapons and baggage for the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, all provided with iOS 12 installed.

Summarizing and concluding, even after Apple sends the update to the Chinese iPhones, the problems will continue. Thus, Qualcomm will continue to hit the foot. Of course, this will favor the competitors of the American company. 

What do you think of this war? But who is right? Tell us everything in the comments.

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