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Apple pays 500 million euros in back taxes in France

Apple pays 500 million euros in back taxes in France

Apple had to pay EUR 500 million (approximately US $ 2 billion) to pay ten years of back taxes to the Department of National Auditing and International (DVNI) of France. The European Union has been pressing the US company to pay its taxes after the discovery that the company has engaged in several financial frauds on the continent to drastically reduce its tax burden.

“As a multinational company, Apple is regularly audited by tax authorities around the world,” Apple France said in a statement confirming payment. “The French tax administration has recently completed a multi-year audit of the company’s accounts, and these details will be published in our public accounts,” he added without revealing the amount.

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The DVNI has been closing the siege and negotiating the payment of tributes from the group known as GAFAM ( Google, Apple, FacebookAmazon, and Microsoft ). The tax authority had already negotiated a confidential agreement with Amazon last year. In October, Apple CEO Tim Cook himself was in Paris, where he met with President Emmanuel Macron to discuss, among other topics, the taxation of US technology companies.

Recently adopted legislation in France allowed for the opening of criminal cases for tax fraud against large IT companies. According to L’Express, Apple had a turnover of 47.7 billion euros in France, but since most of that money was declared in Ireland – where taxation is lowest – the company’s French office only declared revenues of 89.3 million euros and paid 14.4 million euros in taxes in 2017.


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