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Apple pays $30 million a month to use Amazon cloud service

Apple is using the cloud service competitor Amazon to boost their products themselves, such as iCloud. At the end of each month, the Cupertino giant pays more than $ 30 million for Amazon Web Services (AWS) – a 10% increase over last year’s amount.

The “partnership” draws attention because the two companies offer similar services like the Siri and Alexa assistants and the HomePod and Echo speakers. The move demonstrates that the Cupertino giant is willing to cultivate good relationships with rival companies, which is not the case between Apple, and Facebook, who often bark at every opportunity.

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According to the CNBC website, Apple spends more than $ 300 million a year to secure Amazon cloud services. In addition to iCloud, it’s possible that Apple is relying on the cloud for more services, especially Apple News +, Apple TV + and Apple Arcade.

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