Apple patents new way to end the notch on its screens

Apple patents new way to end the notch on its screens

Apple may not have been the first to launch a smartphone with a notch, but it was the one that popularized this design. This peculiar aesthetic trait made its appearance on the iPhone X, presented in 2017 and quickly spread through the market.

Since then the vast majority of Android developers have followed the example of Apple. However, these have come under criticism for not completely imitating the design of the Cupertino company. Here, the criticisms relate to the bottom margin that simply does not exist on iPhone X and later.

Still, the notch is a design imperfection that will, sooner or later, be filled. There are already several patents that show us a future without this cutout or notch, so it will be a matter of time until all this is past.

Now it’s Apple’s turn to show us its vision for a future in which smartphones will see themselves free from notch. The solution here registered by the American reminds us of some renders that have arisen by the usual means.

Apple will see itself free of notch . But in what way?

In fact, what Apple’s recent patent shows us is a screen with small holes. These, as you might imagine, are intended for housing components such as the front camera and those required for Face ID.

To this end, the Cupertino company will operate small holes on the screen of their smartphones. These will then be intended to house the various components that will be part of the features described above.

In accordance with the now known patent, Apple will make use of a small drill bit for the purpose. In order to preserve the integrity of the remainder of the panel, it will be protected with small portions of cushioned material around the hole to be created.

Apple patents new way to end the notch on its screens


That being the case, we would be looking at a screen with several small holes at the top. Small clippings in which would be housed any component needed for various functionalities of a future iPhone without any notch.

Although Apple has submitted this approach to patent, it is plausible that it will never be used. It is recalled that very recently its rival Samsung patented how to host similar sensors underneath the screen.

That is, the South Korean will have in hand a much more elegant solution to the problem of notch. In this way, it is possible that Apple will await the outcome of the development of this technology for it to use in its products.

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