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Apple Patents Augmented Reality Glasses That Can Be Gesture Controlled


Apple has received patent approval for Augmented Reality glasses as we have not yet seen. They will be able to recognize gestures and facial expressions as a method of interaction.

Simplifying the concept means that you can trigger a certain action with the blink of an eye, for example. This will no longer require the physical touch on the device to use its full potential.

Glasses have sensors that can recognize your movements

According to the patent in question, several sensors will be included in this gadget capable of collecting information about your movements. Movement and blinking of your eyes, facial expressions and movements of your hands are some of the examples.

In addition, these Augmented Reality glasses will be able to gather information from your surroundings, such as the amount of light or depth.

All captured information will then be transmitted to a control center. This will render the information to be presented, based on all this collected data.

Can this patent ever materialize?

This is an inherent doubt in any patent filed by any entity. What Apple achieved with this document was to safeguard an idea / concept so that no one uses it without your consent. The decision to convert this patent into a product will always be made by Apple.

It is important to invoke past news that Apple had given up on the development of its Augmented Reality glasses . This news came long after March 21, when Apple filed this patent with USTPO.

There is then a strong possibility that this patent will never be converted into a pasta product. So far Apple has not confirmed or denied its withdrawal from this project, so we will have to wait for more information.


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