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Apple has patented folding micro-LED display for iPhone

Apple has patented folding micro-LED display for iPhone

In the latter patent, Apple’s, published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, refers to a folding screen. It has long been rumored that Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone. Also, the information appeared on the network that Apple is working on the same together with LG.

The patent mentions the use of the carbon nanotube structure to avoid corrosion vulnerable parts of the collapsible display. Furthermore, it is mentioned in the touch sensor and transparent substance, like glue by which the display is bent.


According to rumors, Samsung is going to use a folding POLED-display. The Apple patent discloses a micro-LED display. However, it does have references and LCD and OLED-displays. Also the molten metal to be used, from which will be made of the collapsible frame iPhone.

“The material may be a shape memory alloy (such as nickel titanium) or metallic glass steel (known as amorphous or liquid metal).

Apple filed a patent application at the end of 2016. Given the complexity of the production of collapsible iPhone, it can be assumed that it will become a reality for at least a few years. Samsung said on folding displays for a couple of years, so the company is likely to overtake Apple and with this technology



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