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Apple patented a camera for Mac with gesture support

The concept of using gestures for managing devices has existed for many years.

However, for the time being, gestures are not widely used due to the fact that the technologies are still not working well enough and reliable for companies like Apple. To put it mildly, the technology is not perfect, but it does not stop Apple. In the future, the company can become the first in the field of using gestures.

Recently, Apple received a confirmation of the patent, the application for which filed in August last year. It says that users will be able to control the Mac device (and in the future and others) hand gestures. The technology will be based on a “3D interface that does not require tactile contact”.

The system will work with the new TrueDepth camera, which first appeared on the iPhone X. Moreover, the technology developed by PrimeSense, which Apple bought in 2013, will be used. The same was used for Kinect in Xbox. It can track the movement of users in interactive games.

“The three-dimensional user interface includes the gesture of lifting his hands on the vertical axis in space, as well as from the locked state into an unlocked after it was discovered.”

This is not Apple’s first patent for this technology. The idea appeared in 2015 and 2016. Perhaps the company is close to translate ideas into practice, but it does not mean that we will see results soon.

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